Invite-Only Speed Networking Session - Frequently Asked Questions 

Tuesday, February 10, 1:50-3:15 PM | Duque Ballroom


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What is the Speed Networking session and who do I meet?

The Speed Networking session is a way to meet with many Forex professionals all at one time, in one convenient place saving you both cost and time. It’s a structure session with short rounds of introductions in small group formats for 4-5 people.  Each mini-meeting is brief—5 minutes long—to help establish initial contact and open the door for future discussions and business.


How does it work?

  • As an attendee of the conference, you’re automatically registered for the speed networking session.

  • You will receive a card with your table assignments when you pick up your badge at registration.

  • During the Speed Networking session, follow the sequence of tables you are assigned to.

  • You will have only 5 minutes at each table. The emcee will ring a bell which signals your time is up and you should move to the next table on your list.

  • There are two types of tables:

  1. At the attendee table, each person will give a 1 minute introduction to introduce him or herself to the group.

  2. At the sponsored table, the sponsor will give a 1-2 minute introduction to briefly explain their company, products and services with you. Then you’ll have some time to ask the sponsor questions about their services.

  • During your group meetings, we encourage you to exchange business cards and decide on a follow-up action, such as scheduling a time to meet for further discussion during the Afternoon Networking Break, which is immediately after our structured Speed Networking Session.


Do you have any tips on how to be prepared?

  1. Plan your one minute pitch! Know what you’re going to say ahead of time.

  2. For attendees, decide what you want to say in advance including the work you do and the information or services you are interested in. Jot down a few notes if that helps.  

  3. For sponsors, listen to the attendee! Is there a connection, how might your products or services meet their needs? Explain briefly what your company does and how your products might be of benefit. If relevant, agree on a time to meet again or connect them with someone else in your company.

  4. After the introductions, agree on an action: meet later or follow-up by email or phone, etc.

Bring plenty of business cards. As with any networking event, it’s important to show up for a speed networking event with a stack of business cards. Plan to distribute them to every person you meet. Jot down brief notes on the other person's business card to remind you of the discussion and action items.

How do sponsors participate and reserve a Speed Networking table?  

Sponsors will need to reserve a Speed Networking table. This will either be included in your sponsor package, or you can purchase a table by contacting us at